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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Would've Pushed Him Overboard If We'd Gone On A Cruise

OK, so Jeff and I have alluded to the fact that there might be some truth to the stories we write about. Now, before you go "WHOA. Jeff really is an uber-rich travel writer and Liz really did get fired from a job and OMG, they took a high school reunion cruise!!" -- these are not the true things.

Although I'm sure Jeff would make a really fantastic travel writer.

But one of the truths from One Last Chance is that he did sort of stand me up for prom when we were in high school.

I know. It's true. And I had this awesome dress (black, skin-tight, lace dress. It was smokin'.) and I absolutely was planning to spend the night with him in a hotel afterward (sorry, Mom).

And then he went and broke up with me over the phone.

Yeah, he was an idiot.

But, being the super-awesome person I am, I didn't hate him or make a Jeff voodoo doll or anything like that. And prom came and went (I went my fabulous dress...with my fabulous best of whom just happened to be Jeff's sister) and then Jeff graduated and moved away and we never saw each other again.

Cue twenty years later.

There is nothing exciting in the details about how we reconnected. But our first face-to-face meeting in twenty years?

He came to Minneapolis. Flew in for a weekend.

A friend of mine was having a birthday party the night he flew in.

Not just any birthday party.

A Prom birthday party. Meaning, we all got dressed up in fancy prom dresses and did our hair and make-up and looked hotter-than-hot.

I showed up at his hotel before midnight. Knocked on his hotel door (after I accidentally went to the wrong hotel and knocked on a different room door and scared the bejesus out of some poor, elderly woman with foam curlers in her hair).

We hugged.

And Jeff finally got to see me wearing a prom dress. Different location, different circumstances and different dress. But it didn't matter.

I was there. Wearing a prom dress.

With him.

Jeff says: I can't really dispute any of this, other than the fact that I sort of believe there was a Jeff voodoo doll in existence at some point. Just a gut feeling. And deservedly so.

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